Theory of Change 

CWID believes that empowerment and the promotion of gender equality for vulnerable women living at grassroots groups are key to achieving sustainable development. Since its formation, the centerpiece of CWID’s work remains grounded in the following assumptions levels:
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Level  1 Assumption

To end vulnerability of women and girls living at grassroots level, their capacity must be built to enable them engage in decision making process for enhancement of service delivery Level.

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Level 2 Assumption

With sufficient capacity, the women and girls will take active role in decision making processes and hold duty bearers to account to account with the aim of ensuring improved service delivery and safe structures for continued engagement

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Level 3 Assumption

Through active engagement, the government will make deliberate efforts to improve service delivery and support structures for women and girls’ continued participation in decision making processes.

Strategic Approaches

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Public Policy Influencing

CWID’s policy arm supports County and National Governments to provide in-depth analysis of gaps in laws, policies and institutional infrastructure on political governance, health, access to justice, economic empowerment as well as peace and security. The aim of this arm is to contribute to strengthened policy/legal frameworks for service delivery to vulnerable women and girls

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Research & Knowledge Creation

At CWID, we conduct rigorous, ground-breaking research in all program areas. The main objective is always to use this evidence-based research to recommend specific policy and regulatory asks that are reflective of county-specific context and needs. All research projects are guided by CWID’s Technical Committee (drawn from Secretariat, Board members, Like-minded partners, and Academic institutions)

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Artivism  (Music for Activism)

CWID works with local youth, women and girls to identify and tap local talents in MUSIC for both community outreaches and advocacy for good governance and service delivery. Specifically, CWID builds capacity of young and potential MUSIC Artists through a MUSIC MENTORSHIP program. Here known musician are linked with upcoming artists for support. CWID thereafter develops contents based on local needs which the musicians will translate into music.

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Local and Community Media 

CWID works with local and community media in many projects with the objective of reaching specific atrget audience to generate debate on current affairs affecting them. This approach has been very succesful due to the growing love for local and venacular content by kenyans. The platform is utilized for both public education and advocacy on key issues.

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Working With Non-Traditional Partners

CWID partners with a wide range of non-traditional partners in project implementation for purposes of building synergy to minimize resources and maximize outputs. Though the list is not exhaustive, CWID continues to partner with private sector organizations (PSOs), State agencies (bothnational and county government), faith-based organization (FBOs), Academic institutions, Artists, Social media influencers among others.

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Community Engagement and Mobilization

CWID’s main beneficiaries are the community members and therefore all projects (both on-going and those at conceptual stage) must focus towards engaging the community. Communities are identified through community mobilizers and leaders. Engagements may be in form of open community forums, barazas, or through dissemination of key IEC materials.


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